3.1. Comedian2.0
3.2. The Persistence of Memory2.0


Back to my project, “Comedian2.0” and “The Persistence of Memory2.0” are the imitation of famous artworks. However, the original artworks themselves are the reinvention of the distortion of reality, and these two projects are recreations of creations based on distortions of reality, which is virtually far away from reality. These two works can be understand as satire on surrealism, and present that we already being in an era where third-order simulacra dominate our lives, where the image has lost the connection to real things.

What’s more, when Marcel Duchamp chose “readymades”, for example, the urinal, to create, there is no absolute worthless or to say daily object can also be of “high value”, as well as the banana in the “Comedian” and the cucumber in my project. When the news reported with the eye-catching title of “One banana, what could it cost? $120,000 - if it’s art”, the banana itself already lost its original purpose - for eating or planting. The image that artist created has no relation to reality, the object itself was not the actual banana any more, and it has lost the meaning of questioning if the banana is a real or fake artwork.