4.2. Visual document

While organizing the project, I made a visual document, which is very useful for summarizing my thinking and works. What I believe is necessary to visualize electronic documents, cause the things that rely on electric are hidden by the screen, which cannot see the full sight by people’s eyes. As far as the existing technology is concerned, the screen has a frame, and when it is still, the documents will be confined to a plane. For instants, when you open all the related documents in the desktop, usually it is an overlapping state and not easy to see the panorama. Since human memory has the characteristics of forgetfulness, overlapping files are less likely to be remembered directly, which hinders the overall thinking of the project. Moreover, this situation will be improved in the era of borderless screens. But at least now I still prefer to understand screen-based documents are hidden, and it is a more precise way for me to print it out then more able to overview it.